Werrington Neighbourhood Council (WNC) has existed for over 40 years. It represents and promotes the best interests of the residents of the former north and south wards of Werrington. It exists to band together ordinary people to seek to influence the decisions which affect our lives .making representations on behalf of the community to relevant authorities. It acts as the eyes and ears of the residents, guardians of the environment and all things that are good in Werrington. It is the forum for local opinion on planning proposals, amenities, local environment and the sustainable development of Werrington.

WNC is considered to have the same status as a Parish Council but, unlike a Parish Council, there is no levy (precept) on residents. Following the withdrawal of City Council finance, however the WNC now has no funding source. If WNC are to continue and be effective in supporting the community, a new funding source must be found.

The residents of Werrington need a body that will represent their interests as a community. Recent surveys and feedback have indicated that local residents were happy with our work and want the Council to continue.

Werrington Neighbourhood Council needs your views about its future

As Werrington Neighbourhood Council now has no funding, a decision has to be made about its future. This however gives the local community the opportunity to decide how they would like to be represented in local issues. We want to give every member of our community the opportunity to have their voice heard about the future local governance of their community.

“This is about us controlling our future, rather than relying on others…”

Future Options

Do Nothing 

Without any future funding and public support, Werrington Neighbourhood Council would cease to exist. There would be no formal body in Werrington to represent resident’s views.

Continue with the current Neighbourhood Council supported fundraising efforts

Funds could be raised through local events or accessing charity grants. A fundraising committee would need to be set up and community support is essential. This would give an unreliable income only able to sustain minimal levels of community support.

Become a Community Council

The formation of a Community Council (Urban Parish Council) will not only allow the WNC to sustain their current operation but would give the opportunity to build a far more dynamic and efficient Council. It will provide local accountability with residents having more of a say on the services and provisions Werrington needs at a time of reduced City Council spending

This will be a democratically elected and local body defending local interests on planning and related issues. There will be a focus for tackling the local issues providing residents with a louder voice and a forum for discussion about what local needs actually are.

There will be a higher standard of local management and improvement of public spaces, development of environmental enhancements, the opportunity of matched funding and an increased volunteering interest with the opportunity to become Parish Councillors. The outcome will be a sustainable and active Council to represent and achieve whats best for the community for years to come. It would enable the community to have more control over the issues that affect them. It will act as a voice for local people and a local council can help support local groups and can seek grants and funding to top up money raised locally.

What is a Community Council?

Parish or community councils are the most local tier of government – they’re at the very heart of the community, delivering a variety of services and working hard to improve local quality of life. They give communities a voice and helping people feel more involved in the decisions that affect them. They give people a democratic voice that goes beyond just voting in elections.

A community council is made up of a number of councillors who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the council. They are local people who have stood for election to the local council. As local representatives, councillors have responsibilities towards their constituents and local organisations.

A community council decides what it will need for the coming year and a sum of money called a precept is collected through the local council tax. This money is invested back into the local community to improve facilities and services. Many local councils also supplement the precept with grants.

Next Steps

If a Community Council is determined as the way forward, a petition containing the signatures of around 1,000 local electors must be sent to the City Council. If the petition is valid, a ‘community governance review’ will be undertaken to see if a local council should be created. They will have to consult local residents on the proposal and, unless very good reasons exist, a community council will be formed.

For further information about Parish Councils please visit the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) website.

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