Meetings and Members

Our Meetings

We usually meet twice a term on a Monday or Tuesday evening starting at 7pm at The Barn Hodgson Centre. We welcome visitors to all of our meetings as observers. The first item is an open public forum. To receive an invitation to the meeting please contact us.

Minutes of our last meetings

Please click to access the minutes of the previous meetings  here


We are a formally constituted organisation and a copy of our Constitution can be seen here. Our Council comprises of between six and ten members who reside in the area aged 18 and over and who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Up to six persons can be co-opted to fill any vacancy and to provide additional assistance. Co-opted members can speak at our meetings but not vote. We can also co-opt additional members to any committee to give any assistance with their work.

The elected Ward Councillors of Werrington and Gunthorpe are invited to attend the meetings as ex-officio members but without the right to vote.

Who we are

As at 18th July 2023, the members of Werrington Neighbourhood Council are shown below.  .

Elected Members

Chair: Vince Moon (elected until 2025)






Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Geoff Smith (Elected until 2024)

  • Charles Coxon (Elected until 2025)
  • Tony Forster (Elected until 2024)
  • Pauline Fury (Elected until 2025)
  • Martin Greaves (Elected until 2024)
  • Ivan Hammond (Elected until 2024)
  • Roger Proudfoot (Elected until 2025)
  • Sally Weald (Elected until 2024)

Co-Opted Members: Currently None

Ex-officio Members: 

Werrington Councillors

Gunthorpe Councillors