Werrington Neighbourhood Council

Werrington Neighbourhood Council represents the area of the former Werrington North and South wards in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. It covers over 6500 residences from the newer areas to the north to the old Werrington Village Centre.

The Council was established over 40 years ago and its aims are to:

  • Represent and promote the best interests of the inhabitants of Werrington,
  • Act as a forum for local opinion on planning proposals, amenities, the local environment and the development of the local area
  • To improve the environment of the area and the condition of life for its inhabitants by working in partnership with Peterborough City Council and other agencies.

Please contact us with any concerns about Werrington or if you have questions regarding the work of the Neighbourhood Council.

Our next meetings:

8th Oct (Education Centre)
19th Nov (Education Centre)
7th Jan 2019
4th Feb
11th March
8th April
13th May
TUESDAY 4th June (AGM)
24th June (post AGM)
22rd July


A neighbourhood plan (NP) is a framework drawn up by a local community for how its area can develop and grow. NPs can vary widely in what they cover, but essentially they are about how land is used and related economic, social and environmental matters. These can include issues such as housing, employment, heritage including open spaces, and transport. The local plan has to go through several stages of discussion and consultation with those who will be affected by it, not only residents but also businesses, workers, students and those who just visit the area. It then has to be subject to independent examination and a local referendum. If supported by a majority of voters, it becomes part of the Council’s Local Development Plan. This legal basis gives a Neighbourhood Plans far more weight than some other local planning documents, and it forms part of the rules which guide the local authority when it has to decide on planning applications.
A Neighbourhood Plan can only be produced by a Parish Council or Neighbourhood Forum (NF). For Werrington Neighbourhood Council to develop a Plan, a Neighbourhood Forum has to be formed with a ‘designated area’.

: Werrington Neighbourhood Council sees that a Neighbourhood Plan is important for the village especially to prevent over-development of the village and protection of its green spaces. Its intention is to use the Consultation opportunities to engage residents in a wide consultation that will lead to a Neighbourhood Plan, a Community Action Plan and to inform and take views about a future Parish Council. There is a three year programme of funding to assist with the development of a Neighbourhood Plan allowing the consultancy involvement, production of the questionnaires, Community engagement and the production of final Neighbourhood Plan. The National Lottery has also given support to Neighbourhood Planning and Community Consultations in the past.
WNC has agreed to proceed with a Neighbourhood Forum. A prospective Neighbourhood Forum has been formed formally stated as Werrington Area Forum (Neighbourhood Forum) but known as Werrington Area Forum (WAF). An application has been made for a designated area based on the traditional boundaries of Werrington.


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