A neighbourhood plan (NP) is a framework drawn up by a local community for how its area can develop and grow. NPs can vary widely in what they cover, but essentially they are about how land is used and related economic, social and environmental matters. These can include issues such as housing, employment, heritage including open spaces, and transport. The local plan has to go through several stages of discussion and consultation with those who will be affected by it, not only residents but also businesses, workers, students and those who just visit the area. It then has to be subject to independent examination and a local referendum. If supported by a majority of voters, it becomes part of the Council’s Local Development Plan. This legal basis gives a Neighbourhood Plans far more weight than some other local planning documents, and it forms part of the rules which guide the local authority when it has to decide on planning applications.

A Neighbourhood Plan can only be produced by a Parish Council or Neighbourhood Forum (NF). Before a Neighbourhood Forum is formed, a ‘designated area’ must be approved.


Werrington’s ‘designated area’ was form in November 2018 and Werrington Area Forum (Neighbourhoood Forum) was formed in January 2019. Details and membership of the Forum and Steering Group can be found here. Membership is open to anyone living or working in Werrington.


The people of Werrington wish to see a thriving, vibrant, caring and safe community where everyone of all ages feel comfortable and valued. We want to preserve the best of what we already have in Werrington – its distinctive character, heritage and natural assets, and bring about improvements with appropriate development. We want Werrington to become an even better place in which to live, work and visit.
The objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan will be as follows:
– The protection of the architectural heritage and distinctive characteristics of the area ensuring that any development contributes positively to Werrington’s character in terms of the existing scale, density, location, design and layout.
– The maintenance and enhancement of the open spaces, natural habitats and green character of the area for the benefit of people, flora and wildlife including the preservation and improvement of access to the countryside.
– The continued improvement of Werrington embracing opportunities to support and improve services, facilities and local businesses whilst ensuring the maintenance of its identity, character and integrity


Meetings are now held regularly and are open to all. The next meetings are:

FORUM MEETING Monday 14th October 2019 7pm at The Barn

For details of our previous meetings please click here


Werrington Neighbourhood Plan needs to undertake a Character Assessment. This is a document that describes the distinct appearance and feel of Werrington’s different parts. It communicates the key features and characteristics that combine to give Werrington local distinctiveness and unique identity. We have a range of character areas: conservation area, older housing, newer housing with different features, green spaces, local centres, industry. Any future development needs to respect and complement the existing local character.

This document will help describe the character, feel and appearance of our different areas and will pick out key features that will help to understand our local character.  It will also form a great social record for local historians in future years – hence the project’s sub title ‘Werrington 2020’

Further information is available here


For information about the Forum, its meetings, its role or becoming a member then please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary Sally Weald on werringtonnc@gmail.com

The formation of the Area Forum prior to November 2018 is covered by the minutes of the Neighbourhood Council


For the evidence base and other documents prepared by the Steering Group please click here