This section lists the documents that form part of Werrington’s Forum evidence base with other documents prepared that are relevant to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Any information published here is the property of Werrington Area Forum and must not be used externally without the permission of the Forum

Information about Werrington’s Plan

Consultant’s Report March 2019

Werrington Conservation Area Appraisal Report

Werrington Conservation Area Map 

Werrington Area Forum Engagement Strategy

Werrington Neighbourhood Plan Planning Policy Context

Werrington Plan Questionnaire

 Werrington Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire results summary

Young residents Questionnaire Results 

Protected Views 


Werrington’s Designated Area and Area Forum

The designated area of Werrington was approved in October 2018 by Peterborough City Council. See the decision here

A map of Werrington’s designated area can be seen here. Werrington – Designation Map

Werrington’s Neighbourhood Forum was approved in January 2019 by Peterborough City Council. The application form gives detailed background information and membership. Application for Neighbourhood Forum

The Constitution of Werrington Area Forum is available here. CONSTITUTION OF WERRINGTON AREA FORUM

General Guidance about the Neighbourhood Plan Process

How to shape where you live: a guide to neighbourhood planning (CPRE/NALC);
Your place, your plan (TCPA); 
Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide and Worksheets (Locality) 

Peterborough City Council Neighbourhood Plan pages