Werrington Brook February 2018

From Andy Sadler Catchment Coordinator, Welland and Nene:

The Environment Agency is excited to announce that we will be starting on the next phase of the Werrington Brook Improvement Project, adjacent to Aubretia Avenue. The work will begin w/c Monday 19th February is anticipated to take 6-8 weeks finishing in April 2018. The works will deliver much needed improvements by introducing features such as gravel riffles, pools and bends to improve the habitat and flow in the brook.

The contractors will start at the footbridge on Larkspur Walk and work downstream in sections finishing at the footbridge near the entrance of Cuckoo’s Hollow. The working site will been fenced off for safety and the footpaths will remain open to the public. Any queries can be directed to Andy Sadler at Andrew.sadler@environment-agency.gov.uk

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