Ken Stimpson Community School Extension and Two Shop Units, Werrington Centre Planning Committee 4th September

Vince Moon and Sally Weald attended the Planning Committee to present objections for the applications – KSCS community school extension and two units at Werrington Centre.

Vince Mooon gave the presentation about KSCS focussing on the need to engage with the problem of the car park, the problem of local roads being used for drop off/pick up and parking, and the disappointment about the loss of the trees and the need to reinstate them following the roundabout work. There were management plans being recommended for all three aspects so we were not surprised when this application was allowed. KSCS was applauded for wanting to work with the local community and their transport plan does refer to engaging with residents and the WNC.

Cllr John and Judy Fox led the objections against the two shop units adjoining the Police Station in Werrington Centre. Sally Weald and Andy Simmons (Ploughman) also added their objections. Werrington Neighbourhood Council’s objections focussed on the design being out of keeping with the Centre, the infill of an open space creating a barrier across the Centre and to the other shops, closeness to the neighbouring houses and, most importantly, the potential for antisocial behaviour created by the courtyard effect. The objections were supported by comments made by Fiona Onasanya MP.

Werrington Neighbourhood Council are pleased to say that, the planner’s recommendations that this application was accepted, was overruled by the committee and the application was rejected. The reason given was the inappropriate design not in keep with the rest of the Centre, did not improve the surroundings and the potential for encouraging antisocial behaviour … despite the police being in support of the application.

Werrington Neighbourhood Council is not clear what the impact of the refusal of this application will have on the rest of the Werrington Centre development.

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